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GREAT NEWS! New Tool Helps You Coach Your Clients More Successfully… AND Increase Client Retention!

Many of you have been asking me for years if I knew of a Coaching Software that would allow one to coach more effectively… hold client accountable more effectively… and have built-in features that would support the coach in Attracting AND Retaining Clients more effectively…

As the owner/manager of the 2nd largest Coaching Support Group on the planet – the LinkedIn Coaches’ Support Group – I also noticed the above question coming up regularly during the past year, and now finally we have created it for you…!

Great News!

Today I have Great News for You!

I’d like to introduce you to an amazing new coaching solution that we developed – a solution that will Transform you into the Professional Coach you always wanted to be…  and not only that you can test-drive this solution for FREE, but I’ll also reward you for your feedback on how you like it. After all, this was built for you, so it’s crucial for us to know how you like it and how we can further improve it! (See “The Bribe…” below, to see all the cool stuff I offer you in exchange for your no-holding-back honest feedback — HINT: Several Video-Training, with Step-by-Step instructions on how to attract clients on FB, LI, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. – check ’em out!)

A Brand New Software to Help You Help Your Clients More Effectively

This is a brand new Client-Coaching software that will help you Coach More Effectively and will Enhance your Clients’ Coaching Experience!

We designed this software for One-on-One Coaching OR group coaching. It is ideal for individual coaches who want to be more effective at keeping track of their clients’ progress and are committed to delivering the highest quality coaching experience:

  • Automate communication with clients and keep track of all conversations
  • Empower clients to keep track of their goals within the software
  • Achieve higher client-retention by increasing your clients’ involvement in designing & tracking their own success
  • Excellent platform for coaches who want to deliver a customized curriculum or coaching programs; as well as great for Life Coaches and Accountability Coaches who want to help clients stay on track and accomplish their goals more effectively
  • Stand out from the crowd (!) and be perceived by your clients as a true professional

* This solution is also great for coaching organizations that work with multiple coaches, have customized coaching curriculums, and want to automate communication between coaches and coaching clients.

You can read more about it and sign up for your Free Trial here:

Here are Some of the Cool Features of the Software:

Client Accountability Coaching Software

  • Document Client Goals
  • Allow Clients to Self-ManagePro1
  • Monitor Follow-up Action Items
  • View Past-Due Items
  • Track Numbers and Metrics (when applicable)
  • View Client Notes & Progress

Coaching Sessions And Client Reporting

  • Perform Check-ins and Keep a HistoryPro3
  • Review Past Notes and Discussions
  • Receive Notifications and Alerts
  • View Reports and Graphs
  • Connect via Mobile, Tablet or PC

Provide Customized Coaching Programs

  • Make Training Materials InteractivePro4
  • Upload Links, Videos and Documents
  • Customize Forms and Worksheets
  • Preload Follow-up Action Items
  • Automate Welcome and Reminder E-mails

Of Course, reading about it is one thing,
and taking it for a test-drive is another…

Hop over to and sign up for the FREE Trial (NO Credit Card Needed!)

  • Step-by-Step Training Video provided, so you can start using the software right away
  • In-Person Support Provided by email or phone, in case you get stuck or if need additional help
  • Sample Coaching Program already inside the software – use it as is for your clients, or customize it… (or duplicate it and customize it for different niches)

As this is a brand new software, your feedback is crucial, so let me tell you about the bribe…

The Bribe: Please Share Your Feedback and Enjoy these Client-Attraction Marketing Tutorials as a Reward…

I truly believe that this is a Coaching Solution that will help you Attract More Clients AND Increase Your Client Retention!

SO…! I want to bribe you to test-drive it (100% FREE – no credit-card needed to test-drive). 

Test-drive the software for 2 weeks AND SEND ME YOUR FEEDBACK on what you like about it and what we can improve, and for doing so I’ll REWARD You with my Step-by-step multi-part Video Tutorial Series that will help you generate more leads and attract more clients with social media. 

Social Media
– LinkedIn Marketing Made Easy

– YouTube Marketing Made Easy

– FaceBook Marketing Made Easy

– Twitter Marketing Made Easy

– Pinterest Marketing Made Easy

– Google+ Marketing Made Easy

– and a Bonus BONUS: Affiliate Marketing Made Easy, so you can leverage your efforts and generate more income through selling affiliate products OR having affiliates sell your programs. This alone is an amazing course that helped me generate an additional $1500+ every month, and I just started applying these strategies about a year ago.

*** Each Course Consists of:

– 7 to 15 part short Video tutorials, showing you step-by-step how to implement the social media marketing strategies

– Course Guide with screen-shots and step-by-step instructions

– Checklist so you can track your progress

– MindMap

– Cheat Sheet

*** – Take a peak at one of the social media courses description here:  (don’t buy it there – just sign up for the software test-drive, send me your feedback about it and you’ll get this and the other social media tutorials at no cost to you).

Your feedback is crucial to me as it’ll help us further develop this software, so coaches just like you can attract more clients and retain clients for longer periods of time.  Please go to to sign up for it (again, it’s absolutely Free and you don’t need a credit card to sign up).

Thank you in advance for giving the software a test-drive and for your feedback on it!

If you have questions about it, please don’t hesitate to ask. Please post in the comments below and I’ll be glad to answer any questions you might have.

E.G. Sebastian
Author, Speaker, Coach
Your Business-Development & Client-Attraction Mentor

PS – If you work with several other coaches or own a coaching organization, contact me and ask about our Enterprise solution that we can brand with your brand and customize for your needs!

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